Féérique Carrousel

Promotional film


This video was edited before I composed the music

so when I received it I knew I had to give life to the images.

I chose a feminine and dreamy atmosphere all along but

with two distinct parts, to reflect what I saw in that video:

a hesitating young girl that, once she puts her lipstick on,

turns into a self-confident and seductive woman.

Audi Millimètre, 2013

Audi Talent Awards Competition

The first time I showed this video to an artistic director,

she put headphones on, sat back and closed her eyes
I had worked hard to score the symphonic orchestra in sync with the final video edit and was proud of the result, so I told her : 
Don't close your eyes, you're missing all the good stuff. "  
And to that day, I still love remembering her answer :
"I prefer to focus on the music and let it inspire me 

my own movie, in my head."

Premier métro

Written & Directed by
Hugo P. Thomas

Prix d'interprétation Flagship City Longleaf International Film Festival (Pennsylvanie)

Prix du meilleur scénario Festival "Fenêtres sur courts" en compétition nationale (Dijon)

Grand prix du Jury au Festival "Ptit Clap"

Prix du Public au Festival "Ptit Clap"

Prix du sponsor au Festival "Ptit Clap"

Prix de la meilleure interprétation Festival "Fest'yves Art"

Autres sélections: 

- "River Bend Film Festival" (Indiana)
- "D.C. Independant Film Festival" (Washington D.C.)
- "European Film Festival" (Miami)
- Festival "Corti da Sogni" de Ravenne (catégorie Films Européens)
- Festival "Le Temps Presse" (catégorie Cinéma) 
- Festival "Clamart fait son Cinéma"
- Festival "Fest'yves Art"
- Festival International du Court-métrage d'Avignon
- Festival International du Court-métrage Etudiant de Cergy-Pontoise


Hugo knew exactly what he wanted so we didn't waste time. Still, composing and orchestrating note-by-note the orchestra, producing the whole soundtrack and making virtual instruments sound as real as possible was very time consuming. But, in the end, I was glad he'd invited me to participate, I love this short-film, very funny and carrying an important social message at the same time.

House M.D

Personal challenge

The original House M.D. main titles' video has been edited over a Massive Attack's musical piece, so of course, it's a perfect fit: it is very hard to do better than editing the video in respect to the music.

( Hint: great directors use music at a very early stage! )
But I like a little
I did the
opposite and composed this music to fit the video without editing it of course.

You tell me what you think about end result.

Audi Symbiosis

Audi Talent Awards Competition


For me, this video is about a man taming the beast inside of him. By seaching his limits and overcoming his fears, the pilot becomes one with himself and takes back control and great pleasure in driving.
I wanted the music to reflect this soul-searching

Dans Les Rushs

T.V. Show

Moà is an amazing character, he knows every movie, actor, TV show and everything about them... So, naturally he came to create and host his show about the new releases. His main title video illustrated an old-school, kitsch, low budget super-hero transformation and Moà knows his classics so I went in this direction with the music too, using a 'Theremine' for the intro (ref. to the first Star Trek series), then a fast 60's rock'n'roll feel (ref. to the first Batman TV series) and what do you think? Of course Moà got the hint and loved those references.

By the way, if you speak French, you should definitely check out his YouTube videos.

Mad Men

Just for fun


I love Mad Men, it's a great show, so

what could I do to like it even more?

Well, re-score it, of course ! Hahaha ...

Audi A5 France

Audi Talent Awards

This was the first time I scored for film and I wanted to pay a sort of " homage " to the great film composers from the 50's to the 90's,

that used and conducted big orchestras,

and at the same time, hit a lot of ' sync points' '.

Don't you recognize the influences here? hahaha!

Tim Ferriss series

// propositions around different briefs

The ZEN series

The VARIOUS series


There's more than one way to skin a cat. So, imagine the many ways to score a video !

The important thing is: What do you want ? What is your vision ?